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For over 10 years, TelVersant Group has been working with business to use technology to produce positive business outcomes. From lowering fixed operating expenses to migrating to cloud and business continuity, TelVersant Group’s eco-system of vendors, suppliers and partners has helped hundreds of businesses evaluate, purchase and support their critical technology needs.

Expert Advice You Can Trust
With over 25 years of industry experience TelVersant Group and its partners have nurtured strong relationships with leading local and national carriers. We’ve sat where carriers sit, we know how they think and what their respective strengths are in terms of cost, technology, installation, service and long-term support. As your partner, we’re equally as diligent in getting to know your company, down to every detail and pain point, and in working with you to provide choices that address all your concerns. With TelVersant Group, you benefit from expert advice and an unbiased, objective assessment you can trust for future-proof solutions that best fit your business and your bottom line.

Mission Statement
To promote the advancement of technology that produces a positive outcome for businesses, long term relationships and high customer satisfaction.

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